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Automated Documentation

Better Day Health Provider Automated Documentation

The Better Day™ hands-free clinical encounter documentation solution automates and streamlines clinical & surgical documentation and billing. As an add-on to legacy EMR/EHR systems, it removes the computer from between patients and providers and eliminates time wasted doing dictation, transcription and manual data entry. As a new class of mobile healthcare emerges on smartphones and tablets, Better Day™ helps on-the-go clinicians capture more complete patient notes without wasting time - and in a hands-free way.

Participatory Care

Better Day™ Patients PHRst is a personal health record (PHR) that is fully-integrated into Better Day™'s documentation platform. By developing a platform for patients to participate in their own healthcare, Better Day™ enables an entirely new class of participatory health. Better Day™ also provides tools and resources proven to drive improvements in patient engagement that strengthen patient-provider relationships, lower costs and save lives. Better Day™ makes it easy for patients to take full advantage of self-tracking and participatory care.

Better Day™ Health & Participatory Care

Mobile Health

Better Day™ Health & Mobile Health

The Better Day™ platform facilitates passive data collection throughout the patient encounter cycle. It leverages a large and growing ecosystem of home, mobile, wearable and wireless health monitors, apps and devices to enable a more constant, proactive care model. Because the Better Day™ platform uses nearly 100% structured data, it provides for embedded, seamless documentation that promotes team-based, collaborative care, extends resources, lowers practice costs, maximizes incentives and improves quality of care.