Better Day Health is web-based health management platform that automates clinical documentation, coding & billing.

About Us

Better Day™ Health was founded by Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH and a group of dedicated professionals from the US & Europe around a single, unifying purpose: to create innovations that drive dramatic improvements in the way medicine is practiced that lower costs, save lives, extend resources and facilitate closer patient-provider relationships.

The Better Day™ promise is to deliver innovative people-centric solutions that improve wellness behaviors and realign incentives in the healthcare system.

By leveraging voice recognition, mobile devices and emerging Web-based technologies, Better Day™ transforms clinical documentation, streamlines care and engages patients.

As consumers increasingly take control of their own healthcare, Better Day™ acts as a beacon for the health IT industry by demonstrating the future of health IT in health care today.

What is Better Day™ Health?

An add-on, mobile, cross-browser, cross-platform, standards-driven, Web-based automated documentation software solution for on-the-go physicians & other healthcare providers that:
  • Adds Onto Legacy EMR/EHR Systems
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Increases Professional Satisfaction
  • Improves Patient Relationships
  • Automates Clinical Documentation

What Makes Us Different?

In addition to our ease of use, we offer:
  • Passive, Automated Clinical & Surgical Documentation
  • Participatory Care
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Fully Structured Data for Research & Population Management
  • Third-Party Apps & Device Integration

The Team

The Board