The Better Day™ Way

Better Day™ is a clinical documentation software application that automates EHR data capture and data entry, significantly compressing the amount of time it takes physicians to document, code and complete the documentation and billing processes for their patients. With integration to all major EHRs, Better Day™ eliminates the need for scribes, transcriptionists, and burdensome administrative costs.

Better Day™ Health’s patent-pending clinical operating system software gives providers the tools to capture and utilize structured, aggregated patient data to provide complete, accurate and validated diagnosis, documentation, bill coding, reporting and analytics.

What is Better Day™ Health?

A stand-alone clinical operating system and a modular, add-on, mobile, cross-browser, cross-platform, standards-driven, Web-based automated clinical documentation software solution that:
  • Automates Clinical Documentation
  • Adds Onto Legacy EMR/EHR Systems
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Increases Professional Satisfaction
  • Improves Patient Relationships
  • Built for Interoperability

Better Day™ Health maximizes return on investment in legacy electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR) systems by truly streamlining & automating clinical documentation with its patent-pending NobleDoc Automated Documentation Solution, which comes with multiple embedded modules, including point-of-care Clinical Diagnosis Decision Support (CDDS) & Personal Health Record (PHR) systems.

Better Day™ Health combines voice recognition, location awareness, cloud-based technologies & mobile devices to automate clinical documentation – freeing physicians to fully focus on patients.

What Makes Better Day™ Different?

In addition to our automation and ease of use, we offer:
  • Over 90% Reduction in Clinical Documentation Time
  • Natural, Workflow-Centric Clinical Documentation
  • Fully-Integrated, Future-Ready, Standards-Based Backend
  • Native, Secure Mobile Accessibility
  • Fully Structured Data for Research & Population Health
  • Fully-Integrated, End-to-End Web-Based Platform Solution
  • Quality Measure-Focused, Customizable Reporting & Analytics