Resellers - The Better Day™ Way

Better Day™ works with Value Added Reseller partners to deliver exceptional return on investment for their customers by allowing busy, on-the-go healthcare providers to:

Focus on Patient Care

Better Day™ dramatically reduces time wasted on clinical documentation (written, typed, transcribed or dictated).

Engage Patients

By leveraging PHR and medical apps & devices platform, Better Day™ reaches the patient where they are.

Cut Staff Training

As a result of a single sign-on system and simplified, 'smart' user interface and platform, Better Day™ significantly reduces training and support burden. 

Increase Professional Satisfaction 

By reducing technology-associated  stresses with cumbersome systems, non-intuitive user interface and onerous training.

Reduce IT Expenses

Better Day™ consolidates multiple 3rd-party vendor services into one, unified, highly-flexble, customizable platform.

Reduce Personnel Overhead

By nearly eliminating the need for scribes and coders as well as transcriptionists and other staff, Better Day™ enables you to provide tremendous value to your customers.

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As a Better Day™ reseller, you have access to all sales, implementation, training & support tools & materials you will need to be successful via our dedicated, robust reseller partner portal. For more information on becoming a reseller, please contact: