Fed Up with Your Current EHR? Here are 6 Critical Ways Better Day™ Is Different!*

Copy of Automated Clinical Documentation

1.Diagnosis templates follow the natural pathway to determining a diagnosis.

  • The Better Day Health software process coincides with the natural pathway physicians follow when arriving at a diagnosis—which is the opposite of how traditional EHR’s function.

2. Significantly reduces non-clinical time for the physician.

  • Patient encounters are closed in real time, which eliminates the need for additional hours of physician’s time after clinic hours or at home.

  • The reduction of non-clinical hours allows the physician the option of seeing more patients (thereby increasing revenue) or taking “down time.

3. Accuracy of coding.

  • Physicians cannot close the patient encounter without documenting proper codes for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Drastically reduces over/under coding errors, which has a direct impact on amount of timing and of reimbursements resulting in improved cash flow.

4. Provides the opportunity for increased practice profitability.

  • Increased coding accuracy allows for more timely reimbursements.

  • Increased coding accuracy allows for less direct labor costs directed towards “screening” submissions.

  • Accurate voice-to-text software and real-time documentation can mean elimination of scribes or transcriptionists if used in the practice.

  • Physician has additional clinic time available to see patients.

  • Potential elimination of certain third-party software applications.

5. Better Day Health is built on a platform where virtually all data entered is known as “structured data.”

  • Structured data refers to any data that resides in a fixed field within a record or file. This includes data contained in relational databases and spreadsheets.

  • The “structure” of our data allows us a compelling advantage over all other EHR’s in the area of analytics and reporting.

  • Virtually all “fields” of the Better Day system are structured. Other EHR’s do have structured data fields, however the use of “free text” fields are much more prevalent—significantly limiting the use of this data.

6. Ease of implementation and reduced lost revenue during transition.

  • A major cost associated with the implementation of any EHR system is the reduced patient load per physician during the first two weeks of implementation, resulting in lost revenue for the practice.

  • Better Day Health is an industry leader in reducing the cost. A combination of the “intuitiveness” of our software and our pre-Go-Live training allows us to dramatically reduce the number of days before a physician is back to a normal patient day.

*All claims or statements made regarding potential cost savings, increased profitability, and increased efficiencies are being measured and evaluated during beta site testing.