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Better Day™ Health Front Desk Help FAQs (How do I…?)

How do I...?

...create a New Patient appointment?

1. In the Front Desk module, Check In Appointments screen, click New Appointment.

2. In the Create Appointment screen, complete all required patient information fields. Required fields are marked with an asterisk and may be shaded blue on your screen.

*NOTE: The MRN (patient record number) will automatically generate when you fill in the name field.

3. Enter Insurance Profile information. Eligibility can be verified at this time. If information is unavailable or if patient is uninsured, check the Private Pay checkbox.

4. Complete the Appointment Info fields. For a Diagnostic appointment, a Chief Complaint must be entered. For any other appointment type, a Related To item must be entered.

5. Click the Save button to complete the initial registration. The patient will be sent an email with instructions to complete the registration process.

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...create an established patient appointment?

.1. In the Front Desk module, Check In Appointments screen, click New Appointment.

2. On the Create Appointment screen, enter the patient’s first and last name in the Person Info area. If the patient has already been entered in the system, a Possible Duplicate Patients screen will pop up. After verifying date of birth, select the proper patient and click Use Selected. The patient’s information will populate in the Create Appointment screen.

3. Verify contact and insurance information.

4. Complete appointment information.

5. Save. The patient will be sent an email with instructions regarding their appointment.

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On the Check In Appointments page, click on the Time Slot Search button. The Nearest Available Time Slot Search screen will pop up.

If there are numerous physicians in the group, you can use the Workplace search field to see the schedule for only the physician you need. Use the Appointment Types and Appointment Subtypes fields to further narrow your search. You can use the Date From and Date To fields to search a particular range. Select the Days checkboxes and A.M. or P.M. in the Time drop-down field if the patient has a preference.

Select an appointment slot and click Create Appointment. The Create Appointment screen will open. Proceed as normally for either a new or existing patient.

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...check the registration status of a patient?

On the Check In Appointments screen in the Grid View, find the patient’s appointment. Under the column Registration Step you will see the patient’s registration status.

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...send a patient a new Confirmation Code?

The confirmation code a patient is sent when they make their initial appointment is only active for a limited time. If a patient has been entered into the system but they have not created a username and password, it’s possible that their confirmation code has expired. To issue a new confirmation code:

1. Locate the patient’s appointment in the appointment calendar. The Registration Step will be “Not Started.”

2. Click on the appointment to open the Edit Appointment screen.

3. In the block labeled Appointment Info, click on Re-Send Confirmation Code. A new code will be sent to the patient via their email address on record.

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...find a patient's username?

...reset a patient's password?


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