Better Day™ Health Technology Revolutionizes the Physician-Patient Experience

Leading Louisiana Orthopedic Clinic is Leveraging Clinical Workflow Software to Decrease Computer Time & Transcription Costs While Driving Bottom Line Revenue Growth

NEW ORLEANS – October 19, 2016 – Better Day™ Health, a provider of interoperable software and services for medical clinics, announced today that Imperial Health's Center for Orthopaedics (CFO), one of the largest orthopedic clinics in Louisiana, signed a 10-year deal after Beta testing the software. The physician-designed system is enabling the clinic to streamline front-office and back-office workflows, resulting in lower costs, happier employees, and more effective patient care.

Better Day™ Health represents the next wave of post-electronic health record (EHR) era applications with a focus on automating EHR data capture and significantly compressing the amount of time it takes physicians to complete the documentation and billing processes for their patients.

"We chose to switch to Better Day™ from a leading EHR vendor to help us better manage workflow and reduce the ever-increasing burden of medical record documentation," said John Noble, Jr, MD, with Center for Orthopaedics. "Not only were we impressed by the ease-of-use of the Better Day™ platform, but we are also confident that it will improve the productivity of team members and deliver measurable improvements by reducing overtime pay and improving patient and staff satisfaction."

"Due to clinical documentation demands, which increased with the Affordable Care Act, doctors have become the world’s most expensive clerical workers, as they devote more and more of their valuable time to filling out patient records and compiling medical histories," said Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH, CEO and co-founder of Better Day™. "Our goal is to help doctors see more patients, in less time, without getting bogged down in data entry and paperwork."

CFO recently presented the practice impact results at the 2016 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference at the Nuance Healthcare booth in Las Vegas. They highlighted the reduction in time and cost on EHR documentation and Better Day™ Health’s impact on improving bottom-line revenue.

In addition to software that met their needs, CFO also needed the company they chose to be more than a supplier of software. They needed a technology partner that could consolidate 18 different IT systems into one system.

"We required a partner committed to providing a results-driven clinical operating system to meet our group's evolving needs," said Dr. Noble. "Not only were we impressed by the functionality of the Better Day™ platform, we were also pleased with the responsiveness we received during training and roll-out. We are convinced Better Day™ is the right partner to help us gain the productivity and speed essential to meet the requirements of the new data-driven reimbursement models."

"At Better Day™ Health, we are reinventing the relationship between healthcare providers and software with structured data, analytics, communications, connectivity, patient engagement, and workflow optimization all in one unified system," said Dr. Ragusa. "Partnering with the Center for Orthopaedics will help us continue to realize our vision to provide modern, easy-to-use software designed by physicians and other healthcare professionals that dramatically reduces clicks and screen time while putting patient care first."

About Better Day™ Health

Better Day™ Health provides innovative solutions that automate the clinical documentation experience in the exam room and reduce the cost and lost time by physicians associated with inputting data into electronic health record and billing systems. Better Day™ Health is headquartered at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. For more information, go to, or call 504.710.8564.

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Better Day™ Health at HIMSS 2016


The annual HIMSS conference serves as a catalyst to transform healthcare and attracts the most innovative health IT companies from around the world. The 2016 HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas will bring together professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors in their search for cutting edge technologies that will transform the future of healthcare.

This year Better Day™ Health will be featured by our voice-recognition partner Nuance Healthcare located at Booth #2621 on Tuesday March 1st & Wednesday March 2nd from 12:00PM - 12:45PM.

Visit Booth #2621 to see the future of voice-driven clinical documentation seamlessly integrated with your existing EHR.

Let's connect!

If you are at #HIMSS16, we encourage you to reach out to set up a meeting and product demo. At the booth, you will meet Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH from Better Day™ Health & John Noble, Jr., MD from the Center for Orthopaedics.

Learn More About Better Day™ Health at HIMSS 2016


Better Day™ Health Featured in The Baltimore Sun

Better Day™ Health has been featured in The Baltimore Sun regarding the recent partnership with Barcoding, Inc. 

"New Orleans-based Better Day Health is combining the RFID technology with voice recognition and Web-based cloud and mobile technology to make it so doctors no longer have to type in patient's medical information while examining them. Instead, a device will pick up their voices and automatically input the information into electronic medical records."

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HIMSS14 in Orlando, FL

Better Day™ Health was a first-time exhibitor this year at HIMSS14 in Orlando, FL. 

It was a very successful event for us. One of the highlights was a tweet by friend-of-the-company and Nuance CMIO, Dr. Nick van Terheyden:

We really appreciate Qualcomm Life and the opportunity to join them this year at their Partner Pavilion.

Overall, HIMSS14 was a great success, and - as always - we really appreciate all of the support!

See you next year in Chicago!  

Better Day™ Health Invited to DOD Demo Day!

We are very excited to announce that Better Day™ Health has been invited to present privately at the US Department of Defense (DOD) Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) Vendor Demonstration event next week in the Washington, DC area!

The DOD’s Healthcare Modernization EHR Market Assessment announcement states that the DOD is considering using a commercial  "off-the-shelf" alternative to replace its multiple EHR systems.

In February, the DOD and Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials announced plans to halt their joint integration project, called iEHR, and instead focus on making their current EHR systems more interoperable (iHealthBeat, 10/3).

In May, DOD Secretary Chuck Hagel, in a memo, wrote that the agency will consider a commercial EHR system as part of its efforts to establish an integrated EHR program with the VA (iHealthBeat, 5/22).

We look forward to presenting the Better Day™ platform and vision to the DOD next week.

We are enthusiastic to share how the patient-centered Better Day™ Health platform addresses key inefficiencies and shortcomings in current systems, including clinical documentation, clinical decision support, coordinated care, population management, and home, mobile and remote health data monitoring.

Likewise, we are eager to discuss the unique approach and extensive flexibility offered by our truly innovative, one-of-a-kind solution, which is capable of supporting patients and clinicians in almost any care environment.

Stay up to date on all Better Day™ news at:

Too Many Clicks, Too Much Hassle...Are Your Docs Fed Up with EHR-Based Clinical Documentation? Better Day™ Can Help!

Numerous publications suggest that physicians and other healthcare providers spend over 25% of their time doing clinical documentation, which is over one full day per week.  

And, it doesn't stop there: average clinical documentation is 8-12 minutes per patient encounter. Add to this the burden of high-cost scribes and transcriptionists, and it's no wonder that approximately half of the physician workforce meets the criteria for burnout

Better Day™ Health changes all of that by putting providers and the patients they serve first! As one of our physicians, an ENT specialist, Dr. Keith DeSonier, recently remarked:

Dr. Keith DeSonier, MD

Dr. Keith DeSonier, MD

"Healthcare is personal, but computers depersonalize it. This software changes all that. It is important to understand that it’s not a dictation device or audio recording. The technology is designed to recognize content and context, specific to the way I practice. It’s amazingly efficient. I’m extremely pleased with the way it is working in my office and how we are able to customize it for my specialty. Physicians and their patients are going to love how Better Day™ changes the patient/doctor dynamic in a very positive way."



Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how the Better Day™ approach to healthcare and technology:

  • Patent-Pending Unique Approach Redefines the State of the Art of Clinical Documentation
  • Reduces Clinical Documentation Time Over 90%
  • Plugs Into Current & Legacy EHR/EMR Systems
  • Improves Patient-Provider Communications
  • Improves Billing Accuracy & Patient Care Quality
  • Protects Against Payer Recovery Audits 
  • Improves the Bottom Line

HIMSS13 & the Better Day™ Health Event

Better Day™ Launch Event - Logo.png


It is a very exciting spring for Better Day™ Health. 


We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Better Day™ Health platform. We had a phenomenal Event co-sponsored by Motorola SolutionsNuance HealthcareIsabel Healthcare and Body Media! It was a very well-attended event (we give thanks to all those who attended!), the food was superb (thanks to Joel's Catering!) and it was our first opportunity to share the true breadth of the Better Day™ Health software platform publicly (pictures below).

Not only does Better Day™ Health automate clinical documentation, saving doctors and other healthcare providers countless hours, it also integrates all health data streams into one unified, mobile documentation platform for both patients and providers.

Among others, its features include:

  • Seamless integration of 3rd-party mobile & home monitoring apps & devices for fitness & chronic disease management
  • Real-time location awareness of all staff/inventory/assets for clinics & surgical facilities
  • Embedded, intelligent, reliable & valid patient education & resource materials from trusted sources 

There are many, many other exciting features currently under development & that will be posted to the website in the coming weeks and months. Better Day™'s intended launch to market (first non-Beta implementation) is targeted for Q4 2013. We are currently building our sales pipeline, so we encourage interested providers or provider organizations to Contact Us.

Our next major milestone is for our Pilot clinic, with Dr. Keith DeSonier, to be fully independent and to launch our Beta site, a 50-doc multi-specialty practice with 19 locations.

Again, it is a very exciting time in healthcare & at Better Day™. So much is changing in healthcare - from regulatory reform to the multitude of coding rules and standards changes - that it can feel like standing in a hurricane, both for healthcare providers and the patients they serve. Because it was developed by physicians & those with backgrounds in health policy, medical education & physician licensing, Better Day™ is able to offer calm in the storm. By re-aligning incentives, saving providers from hours of wasteful clerical work & taking the computer out from in-between patients & providers, Better Day™ re-personalizes healthcare.

For more, please check out our favorite article to date, with quotes by both our Pilot & Beta physicians: We also want to thank the folks at Thrive Magazine and Healthy Image for such an excellent and well-written article - as well as congratulate them on their recent awards.  


Again, we give thanks to all who continue to support Better Day™, including our phenomenal team and their families, friends, industry-leading platform partners, investors & physician partners, and we look forward to a Better Day™ in healthcare very soon! 




Celebrating Our Progress & New Website

It's a beautiful, cool, sunny day here at Better Day™ headquarters on Canal St. in New Orleans, LA. In celebration of all that we have to be grateful for, today, we are launching our new website.

Likewise, we are busy gearing up for an exciting year for the Better Day™ Health platform. With the New Year comes many new things, including this new website, this new blog, new partners, collaborators, and customers, and hopefully, a new, Better Day™ in healthcare.

We will use this blog, as well as the full range of our social media presence, to keep visitors, partners, and customers up-to-date on all of the exciting new changes as we develop our platform. The posts will range from a brief 1-2 sentences to longer, more in-depth posts about the industry and healthcare in general, everything from mobile health to cloud computing to patient engagement to policy changes and challenges to the vibrant start-up scene in New Orleans (aptly called "The Silicon Bayou").

Thank you for visiting our new site - we hope you are as excited about Better Day™ Health as we are, and we encourage you to check back often for announcements and developments. Also, follow us on Twitter @BetterDayHealthFacebookLinkedin, and Google+.

CEO Peter Ragusa presents to Tulane Medical Students about non-traditional Career Paths in Medicine

Dr. Ragusa, no stranger to alternative routes after medical school, was asked to present to a Tulane Medical School student group at the New Orleans Bioinnovation Center on Friday. Touching on everything from whether to do residency, to the financial risks of forgoing traditional practice, to his own experience as an Entrepreneur, Dr. Ragusa encouraged the students to pursue their ultimate dreams. While some had questions regarding student debt and internships, most wanted to know more about Better Day™ Health.