Better Day™ Health Invited to DOD Demo Day!

We are very excited to announce that Better Day™ Health has been invited to present privately at the US Department of Defense (DOD) Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) Vendor Demonstration event next week in the Washington, DC area!

The DOD’s Healthcare Modernization EHR Market Assessment announcement states that the DOD is considering using a commercial  "off-the-shelf" alternative to replace its multiple EHR systems.

In February, the DOD and Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials announced plans to halt their joint integration project, called iEHR, and instead focus on making their current EHR systems more interoperable (iHealthBeat, 10/3).

In May, DOD Secretary Chuck Hagel, in a memo, wrote that the agency will consider a commercial EHR system as part of its efforts to establish an integrated EHR program with the VA (iHealthBeat, 5/22).

We look forward to presenting the Better Day™ platform and vision to the DOD next week.

We are enthusiastic to share how the patient-centered Better Day™ Health platform addresses key inefficiencies and shortcomings in current systems, including clinical documentation, clinical decision support, coordinated care, population management, and home, mobile and remote health data monitoring.

Likewise, we are eager to discuss the unique approach and extensive flexibility offered by our truly innovative, one-of-a-kind solution, which is capable of supporting patients and clinicians in almost any care environment.

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