Too Many Clicks, Too Much Hassle...Are Your Docs Fed Up with EHR-Based Clinical Documentation? Better Day™ Can Help!

Numerous publications suggest that physicians and other healthcare providers spend over 25% of their time doing clinical documentation, which is over one full day per week.  

And, it doesn't stop there: average clinical documentation is 8-12 minutes per patient encounter. Add to this the burden of high-cost scribes and transcriptionists, and it's no wonder that approximately half of the physician workforce meets the criteria for burnout

Better Day™ Health changes all of that by putting providers and the patients they serve first! As one of our physicians, an ENT specialist, Dr. Keith DeSonier, recently remarked:

Dr. Keith DeSonier, MD

Dr. Keith DeSonier, MD

"Healthcare is personal, but computers depersonalize it. This software changes all that. It is important to understand that it’s not a dictation device or audio recording. The technology is designed to recognize content and context, specific to the way I practice. It’s amazingly efficient. I’m extremely pleased with the way it is working in my office and how we are able to customize it for my specialty. Physicians and their patients are going to love how Better Day™ changes the patient/doctor dynamic in a very positive way."



Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how the Better Day™ approach to healthcare and technology:

  • Patent-Pending Unique Approach Redefines the State of the Art of Clinical Documentation
  • Reduces Clinical Documentation Time Over 90%
  • Plugs Into Current & Legacy EHR/EMR Systems
  • Improves Patient-Provider Communications
  • Improves Billing Accuracy & Patient Care Quality
  • Protects Against Payer Recovery Audits 
  • Improves the Bottom Line