Better Day™ Health Invited to DOD Demo Day!

We are very excited to announce that Better Day™ Health has been invited to present privately at the US Department of Defense (DOD) Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) Vendor Demonstration event next week in the Washington, DC area!

The DOD’s Healthcare Modernization EHR Market Assessment announcement states that the DOD is considering using a commercial  "off-the-shelf" alternative to replace its multiple EHR systems.

In February, the DOD and Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials announced plans to halt their joint integration project, called iEHR, and instead focus on making their current EHR systems more interoperable (iHealthBeat, 10/3).

In May, DOD Secretary Chuck Hagel, in a memo, wrote that the agency will consider a commercial EHR system as part of its efforts to establish an integrated EHR program with the VA (iHealthBeat, 5/22).

We look forward to presenting the Better Day™ platform and vision to the DOD next week.

We are enthusiastic to share how the patient-centered Better Day™ Health platform addresses key inefficiencies and shortcomings in current systems, including clinical documentation, clinical decision support, coordinated care, population management, and home, mobile and remote health data monitoring.

Likewise, we are eager to discuss the unique approach and extensive flexibility offered by our truly innovative, one-of-a-kind solution, which is capable of supporting patients and clinicians in almost any care environment.

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HIMSS13 & the Better Day™ Health Event

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It is a very exciting spring for Better Day™ Health. 


We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Better Day™ Health platform. We had a phenomenal Event co-sponsored by Motorola SolutionsNuance HealthcareIsabel Healthcare and Body Media! It was a very well-attended event (we give thanks to all those who attended!), the food was superb (thanks to Joel's Catering!) and it was our first opportunity to share the true breadth of the Better Day™ Health software platform publicly (pictures below).

Not only does Better Day™ Health automate clinical documentation, saving doctors and other healthcare providers countless hours, it also integrates all health data streams into one unified, mobile documentation platform for both patients and providers.

Among others, its features include:

  • Seamless integration of 3rd-party mobile & home monitoring apps & devices for fitness & chronic disease management
  • Real-time location awareness of all staff/inventory/assets for clinics & surgical facilities
  • Embedded, intelligent, reliable & valid patient education & resource materials from trusted sources 

There are many, many other exciting features currently under development & that will be posted to the website in the coming weeks and months. Better Day™'s intended launch to market (first non-Beta implementation) is targeted for Q4 2013. We are currently building our sales pipeline, so we encourage interested providers or provider organizations to Contact Us.

Our next major milestone is for our Pilot clinic, with Dr. Keith DeSonier, to be fully independent and to launch our Beta site, a 50-doc multi-specialty practice with 19 locations.

Again, it is a very exciting time in healthcare & at Better Day™. So much is changing in healthcare - from regulatory reform to the multitude of coding rules and standards changes - that it can feel like standing in a hurricane, both for healthcare providers and the patients they serve. Because it was developed by physicians & those with backgrounds in health policy, medical education & physician licensing, Better Day™ is able to offer calm in the storm. By re-aligning incentives, saving providers from hours of wasteful clerical work & taking the computer out from in-between patients & providers, Better Day™ re-personalizes healthcare.

For more, please check out our favorite article to date, with quotes by both our Pilot & Beta physicians: We also want to thank the folks at Thrive Magazine and Healthy Image for such an excellent and well-written article - as well as congratulate them on their recent awards.  


Again, we give thanks to all who continue to support Better Day™, including our phenomenal team and their families, friends, industry-leading platform partners, investors & physician partners, and we look forward to a Better Day™ in healthcare very soon!