Celebrating Our Progress & New Website

It's a beautiful, cool, sunny day here at Better Day™ headquarters on Canal St. in New Orleans, LA. In celebration of all that we have to be grateful for, today, we are launching our new website.

Likewise, we are busy gearing up for an exciting year for the Better Day™ Health platform. With the New Year comes many new things, including this new website, this new blog, new partners, collaborators, and customers, and hopefully, a new, Better Day™ in healthcare.

We will use this blog, as well as the full range of our social media presence, to keep visitors, partners, and customers up-to-date on all of the exciting new changes as we develop our platform. The posts will range from a brief 1-2 sentences to longer, more in-depth posts about the industry and healthcare in general, everything from mobile health to cloud computing to patient engagement to policy changes and challenges to the vibrant start-up scene in New Orleans (aptly called "The Silicon Bayou").

Thank you for visiting our new site - we hope you are as excited about Better Day™ Health as we are, and we encourage you to check back often for announcements and developments. Also, follow us on Twitter @BetterDayHealthFacebookLinkedin, and Google+.