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Registering As a New Patient with Your Better Day™ Health clinic

Patient registration overview

This is a quick walk-through of the patient registration and patient survey process. For a more detailed explanation or if you have questions about a specific part of one of the steps, please see the step-by-step videos below.

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Better Day Registration: Creating your username, password, and demographic information

After scheduling your appointment with your provider, you’ll receive an email confirming your appointment.

If you are a new patient, you will also receive an email that says, “You are successfully enrolled in the Better Day™ Health Patient Platform.” Please follow the prompts in this email to “register as a new user.” Please note your confirmation code as you begin the process. (NOTE: The confirmation code you received is valid for a limited time. If your confirmation code has expired, please contact your clinic to have them issue you a new code via email.)

When you click on the Register Here link, your browser will open a page titled New Patient Registration. Your confirmation code should be pre-filled in the text field. If it is not, you can type in the code provided in the email you received.

Click the Validate button. This will take you to the Demographics page in your patient portal where you will be prompted to create a username and password. Please be sure to make a note of your username and password. You will use them to access your patient portal in the future.

Information you provided when scheduling your appointment is pre-filled in this screen. Complete the information on the Demographics page. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Hit Save when done.

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Selecting your primary care provider and emergency contacts

In the next step, please provide your Primary Care and Emergency Contacts information. You can easily find information about your primary care provider by entering his/her name in the Provider Search field. After locating your primary provider’s name, click on the name in the search screen and your doctor’s information will automatically be populated on the screen. If you do not have a primary care provider, you may skip this step.

Now click on the Add Emergency Contact button. When adding an emergency contact, you may designate that person as Primary, which means this person will be called first regarding any news about your account. You may also select Responsible for Balance if this person will be responsible for paying the balance on your account.

NOTE: At any point in the registration process, you can click the Finish Later button at the bottom of the page to save your information so you can complete the forms at a later date.

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Verifying your insurance and selecting a pharmacy

In the next step, please verify your insurance information. This information can only be added or changed by clinic staff. If you did not provide insurance information to your clinic when scheduling your initial appointment, this field will be blank. Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you to your first appointment.

Please provide your preferred pharmacy by completing a search in the Pharmacy search field.

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In the Person Consents field, please electronically sign required consent forms. These forms may vary depending on your clinic. Sign by clicking on each form and following the instructions to complete the process.

As part of this process you’ll be asked to sign a consent for Surescripts. This is the service your clinic uses to communicate with your pharmacy and electronically order prescriptions for you. Be sure to sign all forms.

If you have questions, please call your clinic. When you finish signing all your consent forms, you’ll see a list of them on the screen.

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Verifying appointment details

Please verify the reason for your appointment.

You may optionally add an explanatory note in the Patient Narrative field.

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Describing your chief complaint

This step gives your doctor more information about the reason for your visit. Please supply any details about your Chief Complaint by clicking on all descriptions that apply.

The answers will appear in the Symptoms column. You may remove any of these by clicking on the X beside it. When you have finished, Proceed to Next Page.

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Review of systems (your current state of health)

Please complete the Review of Systems information. Only add any relevant symptoms you may have recently experienced.

When you click on a symptom, it will be added to the section titled Current Review of Systems Items. If you wish to remove an item you added to the Current Review of Systems list, simply click on it. This information will help your doctor prepare for your visit.

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Current medications

In this step, please provide a list of your current medications. If you are not taking current medications, just click the Proceed to Next Page button.

If you are on medications, click Add Current Medication. You can search by name for your medication in the search field. Choose the medication, route, form, and strength, if known.

If this is a vitamin or supplement, or if it’s a medicine you’ve been prescribed in the past but you’re not sure why, you can select the box next to I’m Not Aware of the Problem this Medication Treats...  Otherwise, in the New Problems search field type in the reason you are taking the medication (e.g., hip pain). Select the description that most closely describes your situation and click Add. As you save each medication, you will be asked if you’d like to add another.

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Describe your known allergies. If you don’t have any allergies that you know of, click the box marked No Known Allergies and proceed to the next page. It is very important that you list any known allergies here. You can add drug allergies (e.g., penicillin), food allergies (e.g., peanuts), or other allergies (e.g., pet hair).

To add a known allergy, click on the category of allergy you want to search. Follow the prompts to describe the allergy and your reactions as accurately as possible. If you are unsure of the exact date your allergy started, you can select the approximate year. If you know the exact date, uncheck the Approximate Date box and enter the exact date.

In the What Happens field, choose your reaction to the allergy. For each symptom you experience, click the Add button. You can add multiple symptoms/reactions. If your reaction is not shown, check the Value Not Listed box and type your reaction in the What Happens field. Click Save when you are finished. You will be able to list as many allergies as necessary in this way. When you have added all your known allergies, click Proceed to Next Page.

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Past problems and medical procedures

Next you will list current and past problems and procedures. If you have any current medical problems or pre-existing conditions, click the Add Current Problem button. After completing the information, click save. Add as many current problems as necessary. If you wish to remove a problem from the list, select the problem and click the Remove button. You can use the same method to add any past problems and past surgical procedures.

NOTE: For surgical procedures, a date is required. If you don’t know the exact date the procedure was performed, you can enter an approximate four-digit year date (e.g., 1998). When you have finished adding current and past medical problems and procedures, click Proceed to Next Page.

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Social history

This step describes your Social History. In each section please provide as much detail as possible.

NOTE: In the Use of Alcohol section, “number of units” refers to the number of drinks. When you have completed this section, please proceed to the next page.

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Family history

The final step of the patient survey describes your family medical history. Here you’ll let your doctor know about any family history of significant health issues such as heart disease, cancer, and other problems. Begin by clicking Add Family Illness History. From the Relationship field, choose the family member you wish to report about.

In some cases, you’ll be prompted to choose Maternal or Paternal to specify which side of your family (Mother=Maternal, Father=Paternal) they are on. If you don’t know the name, select the Unknown box. Choose any applicable illnesses by clicking on the buttons. When you are finished, click Save. You can add as many relevant family members as necessary in this way.

When you have successfully completed your new patient registration survey, you will see a yellow box around the Finish Registration button. Click the button to submit the registration and provide your doctor with this important information to prepare for your upcoming visit. When you click the Finish Registration button, you’ll be automatically returned to the patient login page. When you see this page, you’ll know that everything has been securely sent to your doctor’s office. Be sure to bring your insurance card and a form of photo ID to your scheduled appointment.

If you still have questions about any part of the patient registration survey, please make note of them and finish the survey to the best of your ability. Bring your noted questions with you to your appointment and a member of the clinic staff will help you fill in the missing parts of the survey.

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