Patients - Never Fill Out Forms Multiple Times Ever, Again!

Better Day™ engages patients by providing the mobile, Web-based tools & resources they need in order to successfully, securely access & manage their full electronic health histories.

Online Patient Portal

Manage personal demographic, insurance, medication, allergy, & other healthcare data from any connected computer or mobile device.  


Manage Payments

A single, secure, safe repository to manage online payment profiles, preferred pharmacies, & health insurance information.


Appointment Reminders

Text or email alerts automatically remind patients of appointments.


Reliable Patient Education Materials

Embedded valid, reliable patient education materials throughout the Personal Health Record (PHR) system.

Daily Health Tracker

Effortlessly track many types of daily measurements, from diet to blood pressure and blood glucose concentration to pain, mood and sleep quality.

Documents Databank

Upload nearly any digital form or copy of past medical records & link them to specific appointments or medical problems.

Patient Scheduling

Patients are able to easily request, manage, register for, & review appointments from home using almost any Internet-connected device.

Patient Benefits

Putting Patients First with a Comprehensive Personal Health Database

Record, track, and access the full medical record - medications, allergies, and lab results, along with family, surgical, social, and medical histories - all in one place. Patients can access the their full medical record, including lab results, prescription history, and radiology images from home or on a mobile device.

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