Providers - Experience the Better Day™ Difference!

Better Day™ equips providers with tools & information, in context, at the point of care, to ensure success in the new era of accountable care & consumer-driven health care.

Simple, Rapid Data Capture

Using Better Day™ Health's patent-pending technology, providers are able to document patient encounters hands-free, in real-time, using any connected device, in as few as 10 clicks!

Speech to Text & Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is 3x faster than manual typing, enabling providers to document more quickly. Using the latest cloud-based speech-to-text technology, Better Day™ Health is fully mobile, no training is required & the accuracy is approximately 98%.

Point-of-Care Decision Support

Aids physicians & other providers by suggesting a differential diagnosis, increasing quality and efficiency during documentation.

Access to the Most Relevant Information

Clinical guidelines-based content & evidence-based research are pushed to providers at the point-of-care, giving them the tools they need - when they need them.

Pays for Itself

Save up to 1 hour in manual data entry for every 10 patients seen, which can represent 2-4 hours per day & multiple full-time employees for busy healthcare providers.

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Simple Graphical User Interface

Providers, patients and other users interact with an uncluttered interface that minimizes clicks & anticipates the user’s next move.

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