Finally, let clinical documentation take a back seat to your patients and their health.

What you do with all the extra time is up to you.

Clinical documentation is important but should never take precedence over patient healthcare. Tools like our Document Skeletons, Rapid Review, and Noble Docs make the process fast and eliminates redundant data entry.  Get your time back.


The Provider Dashboard

Have the most important information at your fingertips. See all your pending orders, unfinalized encounters, cosign documents, daily calendar, messaging, and more.

Document Skeletons

Document accurately and quickly with less searching and scrolling. Our encounter templates organize and automate diagnosis and billing codes, physical exams, treatment orders, and more.

Noble Docs

Close patient encounters in real time and reduce data entry with this intuitively formatted encounter document. Only the most relevant data is displayed for fast and accurate notation.

The Best Speech to Text

 Create, format, and edit documents just by speaking. Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box that then continually adjusts to your voice. Powered by Nuance.

Rapid Review

Unfinished charts are no longer a chore using this simple, powerful tool. Make short work out of a long list of outstanding, unsigned documents listed in your dashboard.

Captured Data

From patient health history to every documented encounter, BDH captures 100% meaningful data. Robust analytics and reporting give you valuable insights into your practice.

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