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Voice Recognition

Voice recognition and Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technologies are helping healthcare provider organizations address pressing issues like Meaningful Use attestation, health data interoperability and the transition to ICD-10.  

Nuance Healthcare is the leader in healthcare voice recognition, and through the Better Day™ platform, is able to transform clinical documentation using a provider’s natural voice to enter patient stories, and convert them into structured, high-value information and data.

Better Day™ users take advantage of Nuance’s pioneering speech-driven technology to increase the quality of encounter documentation, improve efficiency and drive better care - while virtually eliminating the daily burden of manual data entry.

  • Voice recognition is 3x faster than typing
  • Up to 99% accuracy with robust medical vocabulary – access to latest medical dictionaries, terms, phrases & clinical formatting rules
  • HIPAA-compliant speech recognition is communicated over 256-bit encryption channels to ensure end-to-end security
  • Speak at your own pace without having to wait for recognized text to appear on screen
  • Visualization & feedback tell you when speech is enabled, when audio is being captured & at what audio recording levels

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